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Cyberbullying in the workplace can ruins lives and careers. It can cripple productivity and expose the organization to charges of enabling a hostile work environment. To date, no successful interventions against cyberbullying have been found.

Now though, a team of scientists and researchers at Arizona State University has turned its attention to the problem. They’ve given Human Resource departments and Management the tools they need to stop many forms of cyberbullying cold.

Arizona State University, known as the most innovative school in the U.S. for the fourth year running, has studied and invested in the development of the myGuardian technology. Its expert team continues to work on myGuardian to incorporate advanced risk assessment and statistical models that will further enhance the platform over time.

Protect Your Business & Your Valued Employees

Maintain wellness and productivity

Monitor your workplace securely and confidentially

Secure your company's chat and internal communication system against cyberbullying with myGuardian

An epidemic that needs to be stopped.

Cyberbullying migrated from the high school classroom to the business world nearly a decade ago. Research† finds that 35 percent of American workers have suffered workplace cyberbullying. It occurs four times more frequently than the types of illegal harassment prohibited by Federal laws.

Cyberbullying involves repeated, unwanted mistreatment by managers or co-workers, which may be done anonymously and covertly. It’s a form of sabotage that prevents work from getting done. It may attack victims with verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, and humiliation. Cyberbullying creates a hostile work environment that can harm your company. It can affect an employee’s health and well-being, and ultimately destroy an employee’s career.